02/17/2016 02:48 EST | Updated 02/18/2016 10:59 EST

Vikram Vij's Best Advice For Cooking Indian Food At Home

For starters, don't try to cook multiple dishes all at once.

Unless you've been cooking Indian food for years or know all of your grandmother's secrets, it's not the easiest cuisine to master.

With a handful of ingredients, spices and flavours to work with, it can get a little overwhelming if you're trying to cook a basic curry for the first time. Indo-Canadian chef Vikram Vij says cooking Indian food doesn't have to be difficult, as long as you don't make these common mistakes.

In the video above, Vij tells us the everyday mistakes home cooks can make, from using the wrong ingredients to committing to too many dishes and creating undue stress.

And if you still can't seem to roll a round roti or decide on the right amount of turmeric for your biryani, start with a basic curry like channa masala with rice ... or store-bought naan.


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