02/17/2016 03:25 EST | Updated 02/17/2016 03:59 EST

Boy Dangling From Whistler Ski Lift Rescued With Net (VIDEO)

He was saved thanks to the quick thinking of the lift operator.

An 11-year-old skier left dangling from a chairlift in Whistler, B.C. was rescued safely, thanks to some quick thinking from the operator.

Tristan Stead, who was visiting from Seattle, didn't get seated properly on Monday before the chair took off because he was trying to grab his ski pole, reported KOMO News.

Stead dangled from the chair metres above the ground as other people on the lift held on to him.

Christoper Sakai, who posted a video of the incident on YouTube Tuesday, explained that a resort staffer had the presence of mind to rescue the skier.

"Luckily, the quick thinking of the lift operator stopped the lift and got six guys to save the child," Sakai wrote.

The rescuers grabbed a fireman's net and the boy fell safely as onlookers cheered. (Watch video above.)

The 11-year-old wasn't hurt in the incident, reported CTV News.

Last week, a seven-year-old boy helped rescue a classmate from a chairlift in Uxbridge, Ont.

The student managed to grab his friend and hang on after he slipped off the chair. His actions gave resort staff enough time to set up a net below.

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