02/17/2016 22:51 EST | Updated 02/17/2017 00:12 EST

John Lennon's Rolls Royce on display at Royal B.C. Museum

If there ever was an example of a man's car reflecting his colourful personality, this would be it. 

John Lennon's famed Rolls Royce adorned in a kaleidescope of colours is back on display at the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria. 

This was the car the Beatles rode to Buckingham Palace in 1965 to receive medals from the Queen. 

Back then it was a demure black, but Lennon decided to jazz it up with custom paintwork in a Romany Gypsy style in 1967.

The luxury car was donated to the museum in 1987 by Canadian business magnate Jim Pattison after its display at Expo '86 in Vancouver.

"The Lennon Rolls Royce is certainly one of the most iconic items, connecting British Columbians both with Expo '86, a seminal event for the province and to the Beatles, who fascinated and entertained the world," said Royal B.C. Museum CEO Prof. Jack Lohman.

It will be on display until April 28.