02/18/2016 12:04 EST | Updated 02/18/2017 00:12 EST

Report finds northern Quebec prisons housing Inuit are unsanitary, unacceptable

Quebec's ombudsperson says Inuit inmates in the province's north are subjected to unacceptable conditions that violate their rights.

Raymonde Saint-Germain's report states that rules of hygiene are regularly flouted in detention centres in the Nunavik region.

A 2015 investigation found violations including unusable sanitary facilities, bad odours, soiled bedding, dirty cells and overpopulation.

Saint-Germain says Inuit prisoners are relegated to second-class status and she is urging  the government to act quickly to correct the inequalities.

The report is based on visits to three Nunavik villages and includes about 30 recommendations.

It was tabled in the national assembly this morning.


The Canadian Press