Sia Stuns During Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

... and talks about aliens.

Whenever James Corden gets into a car, we get excited about whoever his next carpool karaoke co-star could be.

Earlier this week the "Late Late Show" host gave singer/songwriter Sia a ride in his car and the two didn't disappoint, belting out her hit "Chandelier" before taking on the hit she wrote for Rihanna, "Diamonds".

In typical carpool karaoke style, Corden interviewed the singer during the ride — revealing some surprising facts.

For starters, Sia only wears a wig to cover her face in front of cameras. Random fact number two — she can carry a dozen eggs on the tops of her hands. But perhaps the most surprising fact is that Sia believes in aliens and it was a Canadian who convinced her of their existence.

"I only believe in them because I watched a video with the ex-Canadian minister of defence just saying plainly that he knows for a fact that the American government are working with five different alien races," the Australian singer told Corden.

Sia is believed to be referencing former federal defence minister Paul Hellyer, who worked under the Lester B. Pearson administration in 1963 to 1967 and believes governments are covering up information regarding alien existence.

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