02/19/2016 04:59 EST

Dual-Heeled Shoes Aim To Make Stilettos More Comfortable

It may be kind of genius.

We all know how painful a great pair of stilettos can be, no matter how many insoles or cushioned pads we place inside of them.

However, one designer has found the solution to making heels more comfortable, and it involves adding another heel.

Yes, dual-heeled shoes do, in fact, exist, and they were inspired by none other than Serena Williams.

According to Fast Company, aspiring sneaker designer Christopher Dixon (the man behind this genius footwear), got the idea for the double heel after going through Williams' closet and looking through her personal shoe collection.

"She was like, 'Those hurt my feet, but I love them. And those hurt my feet too,'" he tells FC. "I started asking questions like, 'Why do you wear shoes that hurt, especially as an athlete?' I found out no one had solved this design problem of making comfortable high heels."

Fast forward seven years, and now Dixon is introducing the Christopher Coy Collection, a high-end line of "iconic dual heels providing comfort and stability for the fashion forward woman, rewarding women with the opportunity to look and feel beautiful throughout their entire day, experiencing true luxury," according to the designer's website.

The premise behind this unique design is the added heel will help with weight distribution and stability and will relieve pressure on the arch of the foot. FC notes the midsole features shock-absorbant and memory foam, similar to that found in a sneaker for added comfort.

Currently there are seven styles available on Christopher Coy Collection's website, though FC says there will be 10 styles in total. All are named after women because "no woman is the same," says Dixon, and each comes with an invisible chip made by a tech company called Chronicled, which provides information via a smartphone to ensure authenticity and give details on the entire design process.

And while yes, the double heel is a little bit bizarre, the payoff overrides that.

Dixon tells FC that all of the 60 women who tried a pair said they were the most comfortable heels in their closets. His wife loved them so much, she wore them all year long and had to get the heel caps changed three times.

Christopher Coy Collection heels range from $425 - $1,100, and will be available fall 2016.

So, would you try dual-heeled shoes? Let us know in the comments below, and visit to learn more.

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