02/19/2016 03:51 EST | Updated 02/19/2016 03:59 EST

Tarte Cosmetics And Bystander Revolution Team Up For #KissAndMakeup Anti-Bullying Campaign

We all know beauty bloggers love a good Instagram selfie, and recently, we've been seeing a lot of them posting photos of themselves with a covered mouth and lip-smacked hand.

But this isn't just your ordinary selfie. It's one with a cause.

Bystander Revolution has partnered up with Tarte Cosmetics to launch #KissAndMakeup, a campaign that is asking beauty influencers and lovers to put on their favourite lipstick, kiss their hand, hold the kiss stain over their lips and take a selfie, all to raise awareness about cyberbullying.

"Remember what yo mama taught ya, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all!!! Let's all #kissandmakeup," writes YouTube beauty vlogger Nicol Concilio on her #KissandMakeup selfie.

With over 3.2 million students being the victim of bullying each year, Tarte And Bystander Revolution are encouraging everyone to "flood Instagram with good vibes and compliments" and to stop being mean behind a screen.

"Cyber-bullying is all too common on social media. Eighty-eight per cent of teens witness cyberbullying every day. We want to use our social platforms to encourage our fans to spread positivity rather than judge someone's appearance, which is why this initiative is so important to us," says Tarte Cosmetics CEO and founder Maureen Kelly in a press release. "If we can make an impact through kind words and simple compliments, the Internet would be a much more beautiful place."

As more girls and boys take to Instagram to show off their crafted beauty looks, negative comments are becoming a normal occurrence on the social media platform . Even huge cosmetic companies and their models are being targeted, as we saw this week with MAC and the uproar of racist comments circulating on their page over one photo from NYFW in particular.

But with campaigns like #KissAndMakeup, we hope to see the beauty world take action and stand together against bullying online.

For more #KissAndMakeup selfies, see below!

As someone who was severely bullied when I was younger, when I heard @tartecosmetics teamed up with @bystanderrevolution this hit home for me. So often I was told to keep my mouth shut about me being bullied by school counselors and principals. The bullying at school continued when I got home through cyber-bullying. That is when I logged off my computer, and would go to play with makeup and escape into a world where I felt invincible and the harsh words of the bullies could no longer get to me. To this day, makeup still does the same for me. The negative words that I would hear every time I looked in the mirror, from them judging me about my appearance and how I choose to express myself, faded away, as I stood proud in the mirror and in front of my bullies and chose makeup over anything else and felt beautiful. Please join me in raising awareness about not only bullying, but cyber bullying as well. #Kissandmakeup #anticyberbulling Lipstick is Frenemy from Tarte. Pic by: @christianhenrysmith

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Hi love I feel so blessed to be part of this cause  with @tartecosmetics & @bystanderrevolution to help stop cyber-bullying . We all unique and also part of something bigger that ourselves ( called God, Universe or humanity) and are connected , spread a positive vibe  with everyone around you ... that will change your life and our entire world . Amores me siento muy agradecida de ser parte de esta causa con @tartecosmetics y @bystanderrevolution  para ayudar a detener el Bullying cibernetico del que somos victimas todos en las redes sociales alguna vez ..... solo por ser diferentes ,  por tener una opinion o simplemente porque deseamos compartir una parte de nosotros con el mundo.  Todos somos  unicos y tambien parte de algo mas grande (que podemos llamar Dios, universo o humaindad) .... estamos conectados entre si queramos o no  aceptemoslo y difundamos mensajes positivos a los que nos rodean ... realmente cambiara tu vida y la de el mundo entero. #auroramakeup  #kissandmakeup

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