02/19/2016 11:52 EST | Updated 02/18/2017 05:12 EST

Greg Selinger Campaign Ad Admits His Government Hasn't 'Always Gotten It Right'

WINNIPEG — Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger's first television ad of the 2016 election campaign offers an apology to voters and an admission he and his government "haven't always gotten it right."

Selinger says it's been "a tough year" and his government is letting Manitobans know that if the government did something "that caught them off guard or offended them," they regret it.

The minute-long ad follows the apology with Selinger saying all of his decisions have been made with the public's best interests in mind and touts accomplishments such as increasing daycare spaces and shrinking classroom sizes.

He says despite two major floods and a severe global recession, progress is being made in health care, education, jobs and the environment.

"You don't get a re-do."

There are two months to go before the April 19 election and at this point the NDP is lagging well behind in the polls.

Selinger’s popularity has plummeted since he broke a 2011 promise not to raise the PST.

Opposition leader Brian Pallister isn't impressed, saying the ad is "clearly designed as a vote-getting tactic."

"You don't get a re-do," says Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari. "You're running on your record. That's just factual."

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