02/19/2016 09:35 EST | Updated 02/20/2016 07:59 EST

William Fisher And Jeffrey Milne, Stanley Cup Rioters, To Be Jailed For Assault


VANCOUVER — The final two 2011 Stanley Cup rioters to be sentenced will both serve time behind bars.

Both William Fisher and Jeffrey Milne were found guilty on a series of charges, including aggravated assault, taking part in a riot, and break and enter.

Fisher has been sentenced to 36 months in prison, while Milne received 32 months.

Justice Minister Suzanne Anton says the sentences are the two highest handed out for crimes committed during the melee.

The five-hour riot erupted June 15, 2011, moments before the Vancouver Canucks lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final to the Boston Bruins.

A report released last month showed prosecutors spent $5 million prosecuting the cases, and 912 charges were laid against 300 suspects, with 284 pleading guilty, nine convicted after trials, one person acquitted and charges stayed against six others.

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