02/21/2016 05:07 EST | Updated 02/22/2016 09:10 EST

How To Close A Bag Of Chips Without A Clip (VIDEO)

When you feel the potato chip cravings coming on, it's OK to indulge a little! But sometimes you dive in without checking for a chip clip to close the bag once you've had your fill.

Usually in this situation you're faced with two options: one, eat the whole bag, or two, leave them open to get stale.

While the 10-year-old inside of us is rooting for the first solution, you know you could do without the blood pressure spike and ensuing tummy ache.

But never fear, PureWow has come to the rescue with option three: fold that sucker closed.

In the video above, PureWow shows you how to keep your chip bags tightly sealed with no clip or band needed. Once you have the hang of these origami folds, your snack stash will be forever fresh!

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