02/22/2016 02:55 EST | Updated 02/22/2016 04:59 EST

B.C. Cracks Down On Shady Animal Breeders

The government has already begun consultations with the SPCA.

VANCOUVER — British Columbia expects to pass legislation next year that will include codes of practice for dog breeders and kennel and cattery operators.

The province will also consult this spring on licensing to operate as a breeder.

Premier Christy Clark announced the changes today in Vancouver, saying the government has already begun consultations with the province's SPCA and others.

The codes of practice will include rules on housing, ventilation, food and water, care and supervision, and record keeping.

Over 60 dogs were rescued from an alleged puppy mill in Langley earlier this month. (Photo: BC SPCA)

The announcement comes on the heels of two high-profile cases where the SPCA raided a pair of Lower Mainland facilities and seized 150 animals.

The first was an alleged puppy mill in Langley, where 66 dogs were rescued, with some suffering from infections, broken limbs and missing eyes or ears.

The second raid involved 84 cats and dogs at a Chilliwack breeding and boarding facility.

One of the animals seized from an improper boarding facility in Chilliwack. (Photo: BC SPCA)

One cat and one kitten were in such serious condition they had to be euthanized hours after they were taken.

The provincial SPCA's chief enforcement officer Marcie Moriarty says they conduct about 10,000 cruelty investigations every year and serve 150 warrants annually.

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