How To Put A Fresh Spin On Your Favourite Things

Try following these tips and tricks to upgrade your everyday standards and you’ll never be accused of falling into a rut.
Homemade Oatmeal with Blackberries, granola and honey for Breakfast
Homemade Oatmeal with Blackberries, granola and honey for Breakfast

Everyone has a handful of favourite things, from the way you start your work day to the shows you watch when it’s over. We’re not here to tell you throw those things away – but try following these tips and tricks to upgrade your everyday standards and you’ll never be accused of falling into a rut.

Waking Up
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Let's start at the very beginning. Don’t worry, we're not going to ask you to wake up earlier; what we're going to suggest is a new way to wake up. If you use an alarm, it's time to change it. No more being startled awake by a jarring, screeching sound. Try waking up gently to the simulation of natural sunlight with a natural light alarm clock instead of flailing your fists in desperate search for the snooze button.
Take A Minute
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Life can be hectic and leave you feeling like an automaton. Shake up your routine by taking five minutes to reflect on your day and what you want to accomplish. Is it winning that new contract or meeting your friends for an overdue catch-up? Whatever it is, take some time to visualize your goals.
Your Morning Routine
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Streamline your morning by prepping the night before or even the beginning of the week. Instead of rushing around with a slice of toast in your mouth, why not cook a week's worth of breakfast on Sunday? Steelcut oats are a great breakfast option. They, keep well and you can add your personal flavours like cinnamon, apples, or raisins. All you have to do is open the fridge, get a serving, warm it up and eat.
Use Tech
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We can't do without our smartphone but there are ways to incorporate tech into your everyday routine that are less about work emails and meeting requests? Consider smart toothbrushes that help you brush properly, let you know if you’re brushing too hard, and time you for optimal cleaning. Your teeth will look great and your dentist will love you. Or a stylish smartwatch, which not only keep you on time but help you stay healthy.
Control Your Inbox
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Speaking of technology, we're at the mercy of our inbox and it's time to exercise a little control over it. Thanks to apps and other tools, you can schedule emails, set times to answer them, and even organize them. Evernote also lets you store your emails in the Cloud so you can access it anytime or place. Boomerang is an oldie but goodie that lets you schedule email responses and get ahead of your outbox. A few tiny tweaks are all you need to add that new dimension to your routine. By incorporating a few of them you can get through your day with reduced stress and a brighter outlook.
Try Something New
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If you go to the gym or fitness classes, shake it up a bit by trying other courses and at different skill levels. Mix it up with pilates, spinning, suspension training or yoga with a pass that lets you try multiple classes for a really good price. Same goes if you take music classes, play intermural sports, or take part in product of the month clubs. Try living your life buffet style because your next passion might be right under your nose.

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