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Jennifer Lawrence Wears 'Perv' Jacket While Out In LA

Say what?

Jennifer Lawrence isn't one to shy away from telling us all how she really feels, even if that means telling us through her style.

On Sunday, the 25-year-old Oscar-winning actress stepped out in L.A. donning a denim jacket with a pretty questionable word on the back.

See for yourself:

Yes, that says PERV in big, bold letters.

What are you trying to tell us, J.Law?!

According to Us Weekly, the jacket is by Denim X Alexander Wang and was customized "just for her." Wang recently offered complimentary embroidery on the whole collection at the brand's NYC and London flagships, and TMZ reports the store went into "lockdown mode" Thursday so the "Joy" actress could shop in peace.

But perhaps we've got it all wrong and PERV stands for something other than the short form of pervert. She could be huge fans of the band "Progressive Evolution of a Rock Vision" (we're not sure if this a real thing, tbh) or may be telling us to "Please Email Rudolph Valentine," whoever that may be.


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