02/22/2016 06:04 EST | Updated 02/22/2016 06:59 EST

Nicolino Camardi, Convicted Calgary Animal Abuser, Pleads Guilty To Having Pets


CALGARY — A convicted animal abuser has been sentenced to 34 days in prison for breaching his probation.

The court heard Nicolino Camardi, who has a lifetime ban on having pets, took in his neighbour's cat and dog last month.

Court heard Camardi, who is 20, had agreed to take in the pets so they could spray their home for bedbugs.

The animals found in his home were in good health.

Camardi was on probation after being convicted of two counts of wilfully causing pain and suffering to an animal.

The Calgary Humane Society began an investigation in January 2014 after a dog was found dead with tape around its muzzle and a dead cat was discovered with tape covering most of its face.

The 34-day sentence for two breaches of probation includes credit for time served.

(Global Calgary)

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