02/22/2016 05:45 EST | Updated 02/22/2016 05:59 EST

Robert Goertzen, Kelowna Man, Doesn't Want To Quit His Job After $21-Million Lottery Win


KAMLOOPS, B.C. — Twenty one is now Robert Goertzen's special number.

The 44-year-old heavy equipment instructor in Kelowna, B.C., has claimed the winning ticket from Saturday's Lotto 6/49 draw of $21.9 million.

Goertzen says he paid $21 for the draw and discovered on Feb. 21 that he won more than $21 million.

Goertzen says he'll continue to work, but plans to buy a new diesel truck and trailer for himself, a Jeep for his girlfriend and will pay off some debt.

He says he'll also make sure his daughter's future will be provided for and she'll get the best education money can buy.

Goertzen says he felt famous when he checked his winning ticket at a local supermarket and everyone wanted a photo of him standing next to the lottery screen.

“This win means freedom — to be free from debt and have the life I’ve always wanted,” he said.

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