Ontario Judge Rejects Dr. Victor Priebe's Wish To Create 'Discriminatory' Scholarship

He also wanted to create entrance awards exclusively for white, single, straight men.

An Ontario judge declared a doctor’s last will and testament void earlier this month over his wish to create a scholarship available for “a hard-working, single, Caucasian white girl who is not a feminist or lesbian.”

Dr. Victor Priebe, who died Jan. 1, 2015, also stipulated the trustee of his estate create another scholarship only available to white, single, straight men.

His trustee, Royal Trust Corp., had brought the will to Ontario Superior Court for advice and direction to determine if they were legally obligated to fulfill Priebe’s last wishes.

In court documents filed Feb. 3, Justice Alissa Mitchell wrote she has “no hesitation” calling Priebe’s desired use of his estate to be in violation of “public policy.” His wishes discriminate on the grounds of race, religion and sex, she wrote in her decision.

Mitchell added it was “not expressly stated” in Priebe’s will that he sympathized with “white supremacist, homophobic and misogynistic views, but there was “no doubt” in his intention to discriminate.

Western's University College building. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

In his will, Priebe was explicit his trustee only accept applicants who intend to study science in fields including medicine, genetics, biology, chemistry, physics, and pharmacology at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Windsor.

“Extracurricular activities (i.e. non-academic) of the applicant shall not be taken into consideration in qualifying a student for purpose of these awards or bursaries,” reads a portion of Priebe’s will.

“No awards to be given to anyone who plays intercollegiate sports.”

Included was instruction to trustees to consider applicants of “good character” with an “honest” work ethic on top of the minimum requirement candidates carry a minimum B+ cumulative average.

And as for students also involved in athletics, tough luck

“No awards to be given to anyone who plays intercollegiate sports,” reads another stipulation.

The former radiologist retired two decades ago from Windsor's Hotel Dieu Hospital. An obituary published in the Windsor Star said he enjoyed photography and even founded a local camera club.

His photographs, according to the obit, also won many awards.

The money that was set aside for the scholarships will now go toward other charitable trusts listed in Priebe’s will, the ruling stated.

No awards or bursaries in his name will be created.

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