02/23/2016 01:24 EST | Updated 02/23/2016 01:59 EST

Kerry Diotte, Kelly McCauley's 'Liberal Buzz Word Bingo' Game Backfires

"'Syrians' isn't a buzz word, but the victims of a tragic war."

Two Alberta MPs are in hot water after tweeting about a bingo game the pair were playing during question period in the House of Commons Monday.

Conservative MP Kerry Diotte, who represents Edmonton Griesbach, tweeted a photo of a "Liberal Buzz Word Bingo" card with squares that included the words "Indigenous," "middle class" and "Syrians."

A free space in the centre read, "Min of Finance stands and buttons coat."

Diotte was quickly ridiculed over his decision to play bingo during sitting hours in the House.

McCauley, the Conservative MP representing Edmonton West, also tweeted an image of the bingo card, with the caption "Getting ready for Question Period."

The Internet wasn't too happy with the tweets. Both have since been deleted.

Many were upset to see constituents' identities referred to as "buzz words."

John Brassard, Conservative MP for Barrie-Innisfil in Ontario, also tweeted that he would be playing along with the bingo game. He has since apologized for his comment, as have McCauley and Diotte.

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