02/23/2016 06:56 EST | Updated 02/23/2016 12:00 EST

JusReign, Canadian YouTuber, Forced To Remove Turban At U.S. Airport

This is not OK.

Canadian comedian Jasmeet Singh spoke out on Twitter Monday, after he was forced to remove his turban for an airport security check in San Francisco.

The Sikh YouTuber, who is better known as JusReign, took off his turban for a private search after U.S. Transportation Security Administration workers told him he wouldn't be allowed on his flight otherwise.

Jasmeet Singh says he was forced to remove is turban at a U.S. airport. (Chris So/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Upon finding nothing inside the turban, Singh wrote agents denied his request for a mirror to retie his turban, and he was forced to walk in public looking for the nearest restroom with his hair uncovered.

According to The Sikh Coalition, it's mandatory for followers of Sikhism to wear a turban in public, as it's a symbol of "love and obedience to the wishes of the founders of their faith."

"What was the point in taking me to the private room," Singh asked on Twitter, slamming the TSA for not accommodating his request for a mirror after he "cooperated" with their search.

Singh continued to say he knows Sikh men who travel without their turbans out of fear, but he'll continue to wear his.

Several Twitter users spoke out to support Singh, and criticized TSA for their behaviour.

Singh himself accused the organization of taking "pride" in the fact it's "riddled with xenophobia."

Similar incident just weeks ago

This is the second time in a month a prominent Sikh entertainer has spoken out about being targeted at an airport because of their religious apparel.

Two weeks ago, American designer and actor Waris Alhuwalia was banned from an Aeromexico flight when he refused to remove his turban. Alhuwalia posted about the incident on Instagram, and was later issued an apology by the Mexican airline.

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