02/23/2016 05:14 EST | Updated 02/23/2016 05:59 EST

'P.E.I.' A TV Show, And You Get 'Magnum P.E.I.'

Funny things happen when you combine history's most-famous television shows with Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.).

You end up with lifeguard dramas set in St. Peters Bay; a take on "I Love Lucy" starring the author of "Anne of Green Gables"; and four elderly women bickering at Charlottetown's "Golden Wok" restaurants.

Those are just a few TV show pitches that resulted from the #MakePEIaTVShow hashtag, which popped up on Twitter Saturday.

The hashtag was created by communications pro Adam Ramsay.

"I think it lets people see that there's more to P.E.I. than they might assume," he told CBC News.

"The nice thing about this hashtag is if you see it somewhere else in the country ... you see that Islanders have a really good sense of humour and a really good sense of humour about themselves."

The hashtag generated topical ideas

Ones inspired by past gaffes

And others that were just plain silly.

Twitter user Kris MacDonald was particularly prolific on the hashtag:

This isn't the first time someone has added a "P.E.I." twist to a famous TV show for comedic purposes.

In 1982, this clip aired on comedy show "SCTV."

Here are more ideas that materialized under the #MakePEIaTVShow hashtag:

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