02/23/2016 04:58 EST | Updated 02/24/2016 11:59 EST

TOM*FW: The Models To Look Out For On The Runway (And The City!)

Including Paul Mason (a.k.a. Fashion Santa).

The boys are back in town!

This week marks the fourth annual season of Toronto Men's Fashion Week (a.k.a. TOM*FW), meaning models from all over Canada are in the city to walk the runway and attend the coolest parties.

And even if won't be watching the shows, you'll probably spot a few of these handsome fellas on the streets of Toronto at some point.

So behold, 15 of the TOM*FW models you should look out for (or at least follow on Instagram):

1. Paul Mason

Because TOM*FW wouldn't be TOM*FW without Fashion Santa!

2. Cameron Geddes

A TOM* runway regular, who we've dubbed the male Gigi Hadid.

3. Elgar Hsn

A photo posted by Elgar hsn (@elgarhsn) on

Those cheekbones though...

4. Giancarlo Murano

A photo posted by Giancarlo (@feyte15) on

Here's hoping he walks shirtless again.

5. Giovanni Ellis

A photo posted by ✝ YHWH (@realgioe) on

Too much swag to handle.

6. Alfred Lam

A photo posted by Alfred Lam (@alfielam1980) on

Check out that smoulder!

7. Sascha Hass

A photo posted by Sascha Hass (@saschahass) on

Dapper AF.

8. Julien Lacelle


9. Stephen Tracey

A photo posted by Stephen Tracey (@stracey1) on

Killin' it in those espadrilles.

10. Cochise Burgess

A photo posted by c o c h i s e (@trilly___) on

Probably one of the coolest models to walk to TOM* runway.

11. Jarret Kennedy

A Christopher Bates regular.

12. Thomas Darya

A photo posted by Thomas Darya (@thomas_darya) on

Of Instagram fame.

13. Alexander Ryan

A photo posted by WOLF (@ax.ryan) on

Props to him for pulling off those pants on the left.

14. Marek Dobransky

One good-looking model/teacher!

15. Myles Sexton

A photo posted by Myles Sexton (@mylessexton) on

Whether he's on or off the runway, you'll for sure one to look out for Myles, and his incredible wardrobe.

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