02/23/2016 09:06 EST | Updated 02/23/2016 12:00 EST

World's Most Expensive Streets Are Home To Some Ritzy Real Estate

High ceilings. Covered terraces. Pools overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

These are just a few features you find at homes on the world's most expensive streets. And at prices that most of us can only imagine affording.

In 2013, U.K.-based real estate firm Knight Frank set out to rank the world's most expensive streets by looking at how much properties cost per square metre.

Only France was represented more than once in the top 10.

The World's Most Expensive Streets Look Like This

The world's priciest streets can be found in major cities such as Hong Kong, London and New York. But they're also located in resort destinations such as Costa Smeralda, Italy and Cap Ferrat, France.

The Huffington Post Canada looked at what kind of real estate and accommodation was available in these areas. And the search found some stunning results.

Real estate available in these locales includes apartments in neighbourhoods that have housed the world's most famous actors; villas that allow their occupants to tan under a hot, Mediterranean sun; and pieds-a-terre that could give deep-pocketed owners a luxurious place to stay while on a shopping trip to Paris.

Here are the world's most expensive streets as of 2013, and the price of a property there per square metre:

1) Pollock's Path, The Peak, Hong Kong

Avg. price/square metre: $164,388.79

2) Kensington Palace Gardens, London, U.K.

Avg. price/square metre: $146,580.00

3) Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco

Avg. price/square metre: #117,806.12

4) Blvd. du Général de Gaulle, Cap Ferrat, France

Avg. price/square metre: $108,213.86

5) Paterson Hill, Singapore

Avg. price/square metre: $58,216.97

6) Chemin de Ruth, Geneva, Switzerland

Avg. price/square metre: $50,673.54

7) Romazzino Hill, Sardinia, Italy

Avg. price/square metre: $45,107.84

8) Ostozhenka, Moscow, Russia

Avg. price/square metre: $39,760.71

9) Fifth Avenue, New York, U.S.A.

Avg. price/square metre: $38,390.16

10) Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France

Avg. price/square metre: $35,648

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