Nigerian Dwarf Goat Born At New England Zoo

The biggest name for the littlest goat.

The Franklin Park Zoo in New England welcomed a female Nigerian Dwarf goat on February 16, who is growing cuter and cuter every day.

According to zoo officials, the kid, named Chewbacca, had a birth weight of four lbs. and appeared active and alert during her medical examination.

There’s a new kid at Franklin Park Zoo… a Nigerian Dwarf Goat kid, that is. The new kid was born February 16 inside...

Posted by ZooBorns on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nigerian dwarf goats can grow up to weigh 75 lbs. and are milking goats. The West African breed can be found all around the world, and according to the video above, they even make great pets.

Chewbacca is the second child to parents Leia and Lucky (we see where the name came from). She is expected to stay in the Franklin Farm section of the zoo with her family.

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