02/24/2016 03:42 EST | Updated 02/24/2016 03:59 EST

Funny Toddler Video: Little Girl's Love Of Zebras Knows No Bounds

When the house is quiet, you know the kids are up to something. That’s what one Australian mom thought when she hadn’t heard a peep from her daughters for a while. When she found them, she discovered her eldest daughter had turned her younger sister into a zebra -- with the help of a permanent marker.

Adelaide mom Amy Hermann posted a video to Facebook revealing the moment she caught her three-year-old daughter, Sovereign, in the act. In the short clip, Sovereign’s 18-month-old sister, Pippin, is shown bare bottomed and covered in black lines.

When her mom asks her, “What is this?” the young girl says matter-of-factly, “A zebra.”

Watch the hilarious clip above.

Hermann remains remarkably calm in the video as she tells her daughter, “Your sister doesn’t need to be a zebra, babe.” To which the girl responds, “But I love being zebras.”

All the while, little Pippin couldn’t be less concerned with her new look.

The video was a hit on Facebook, garnering over 10.5 million views in just a few days. Many users couldn’t stop laughing and praised the innocence of the little girl.

“This is so funny. The love for the Zebra is REAL,” one user commented. “Love her face to begin with as if ‘mum, can't you tell she is a Zebra!? Get a clue!’ Just beautiful and beautifully frustrating.”

Hermann told Buzzfeed that she is a visual artist and photographer and often encourages her kids to be creative. However, she has no clue where Sovereign got the idea to turn her baby sister into a zebra.

Despite this, the mom joked with Daily Mail Australia, saying: “We're a fairly creative bunch. We do lots of drawing and painting. I often paint their faces as their favourite animal, though we don't usually use a permanent marker!”

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