02/24/2016 11:18 EST

Tokers Drug Mart? Shoppers Chain Eyes Selling Medical Marijuana

"Life" brand marijuana at a discount price? It could soon be reality.

Shoppers Drug Mart says pharmacies are the "safest option" for dispensing marijuana.

The comments come after the Globe and Mail reported the Loblaws-owned pharmacy chain is looking into selling medical marijuana at its stores.

The chain is even considering selling its own generic marijuana under its house brand. “Life” brand marijuana, at a discount price? It could soon be reality.

Of course, you’d need a medical marijuana license to buy it. And there are regulatory hurdles to a pharmacy chain selling marijuana. But if or when the Liberal government proceeds with its vow to decriminalize and regulate weed, Shoppers could find itself with a toehold in a much larger retail marijuana market.

Marc Gobuty, founder and CEO of Peace Naturals Project, a producer licensed by Health Canada to grow medical marijuana, says he has met with some major drugstore chains but would not confirm which ones.

Gobuty says there's been interest by the drugstore chains to dispense medical marijuana because offering infused oils is now a "viable option."

He says he spoke with the companies about a supply agreement, but their offer was not of interest to his company.

Last year, the Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana users can legally use various forms of the drug, including oils.

Naturally, the jokes started flying on social media as soon as the news landed.

— The Canadian Press, with files from The Huffington Post Canada

Should Shoppers Drug Mart, or other pharmacy chains, get into the weed retailing business? Let us know in the comments below.

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