02/24/2016 02:24 EST | Updated 02/26/2016 05:59 EST

Woman Washes Interior Of Car In Bizarre Facebook Video

A woman in Australia has stunned the Internet with this video of her washing her car.

A curious onlooker at a car wash in Perth captured this footage of the motorist scrubbing the inside of her vehicle with the soapy brush Friday.

Everyone must watch this wtf is she thinking #deatalingatitsbest

Posted by Sam Bajram on Friday, February 19, 2016

Sam Bajram told WAtoday he thought she was a "bit nuts" and posted the video to Facebook for a few laughs.

He's received some funny comments since sharing it, along with thousands of views.

"Bahahahaha she prob trying to get rid of some evidence..," wrote one user.

"Please tell me she high pressure washed," wrote another, to which Bajram responded that she didn't and instead just wiped the surface with a cloth.

There are alternative ways to clean the inside of your car. Popular Mechanics has a helpful walk-through for removing stains and dirt.

A self-serve car wash isn't a common place to do that, unless this woman knows some secret we don't.


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