02/25/2016 05:19 EST | Updated 02/22/2017 03:41 EST

Irish Baby Names: 30 Unique Ideas That Will Make Others Green With Envy

Need baby name inspiration? These fresh ideas will inspire you.

Irish baby names are unique in their own right, which is one of the reasons why they’ve been growing in popularity in the U.S. Not only that, but many of the top monikers in the U.S. have Irish roots.

Trendy Aiden, for instance, comes from the Gaelic word Aodhán, meaning “little fire,” and modern Kayla comes from the Irish man’s name Cadhla, meaning “slender.”

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, we’ve rounded up the 30 most unique Irish baby names for girls and boys. If you’re expecting a baby around this time, or are looking for a name to reflect your Irish roots, these fresh ideas are sure to inspire you.

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