02/26/2016 01:56 EST | Updated 02/26/2016 01:59 EST

This 'Damn Daniel' Remix Is A Pretty Damn Good Club Banger


Unless you're living in a social media-free hole, it's almost impossible to escape the memes of "Damn Daniel."

What started out as a Snapchat mash-up of 15-year-old Joshua Holz repeatedly saying, "damn Daniel," (in various ways) to his friend Daniel Lara and his white Vans, has now morphed into an addictive EDM track.

The song, which was uploaded on Facebook by band Bombs Away, features the musicians cutting up Holz's original voice (and very few words) and mashing it up into a one-minute and 17-second track.

Damn Daniel - Bombs Away Remix

Damn Daniel - Bombs Away Remix

Posted by Bombs Away on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Wanna give a massive thanks to all the people who messaged us telling us to remix this!! Damnn guys. Haha," the band wrote on their Facebook page.

Other musical versions of 'Damn Daniel," have also surfaced the Internet in the last week, including this three-minute remix by Personal Dennibro on YouTube and this trap version by user ReverseModzOfficial.

Since the original video went viral, both Holz and Lara were also invited as guests on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday. Lara cleared up rumours about an eBay ad of his original white Vans (the last bid was up to $400K), and told the host he never posted them online himself.

And as the Internet continues to feed us with "Damn Daniel" memes of all kinds, we're going to just take in this track above and possibly prepare our dance moves for the club.


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