02/29/2016 09:47 EST

Oscars Girl Scout Cookies: Chris Rock Helps His Daughters Raise A LOT Of Money

Chris Rock had probably the most dad moment ever at the Oscars on Sunday night. The proud papa helped his daughters sell more than $65,000 of Girl Scout cookies to a captive audience.

During an Oscars' segment, the host explained that he'd been away from home for a couple of weeks, getting ready for hosting the big night. As a result, he had missed out on helping his girls, Zahra and Lola, sell their Girl Scout cookies.

Apparently, Zahra in particular was worried that they would, once again, not sell the most cookies in their troupe.

So what's a dad supposed to do? Most of us bring cookies to work and sell boxes to co-workers. And Rock did just that... at the OSCARS!

He encouraged everyone in attendence to reach into their "millionaire pockets" and buy his daughters' Girl Scout cookies so they could sell the most cookies (apparently, a Mrs. Dunn wins every year).

And on cue, out came a Girl Scout troop. "Look at my babies up there! Are you going to deny my princesses their cookies?" Rock exclaimed.

He even started calling out celebrities by name. (Of course, moms Tina Fey and Charlize Theron were first on his list.) But no one was exempt from Rock's sales' pitch: "Leo, you made 30 million, c'mon!"

Stars, writers, directors and producers were waving money at the troupe -- they couldn't buy the cookies the fast enough. "Let's get this money," said Rock.

John Legend was standing and reaching into the aisle (maybe his wife Chrissy Teigen was having cravings?)

In minutes, they raised $65,243, according to Rock.

We're not sure if that includes the $20 Joe Biden slipped Rock for cookies, though.

If the sales total is accurate, Zahra and Lola are definitely winning for most cookies sold this year.

Now let's watch celebrities eat these cookies (for some reason, we're finding this hilarious.)


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