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Spring Fashion 2016: The Social Media Outlets That Match This Season's Trends

Because why not mix two of our fave things?

It’s time to be real: now that the Oscars are over and award season has gone quietly into that dark night, we have nothing left but look towards the future. And, like, thank goodness. Winter is almost officially behind us, which means we can shed a few layers and be left with only 16, leaving us feeling lighter and leaner and decked out in florals.

So, because none of us can possibly handle another straightforward spring guide (you’re welcome), we’ve combined our two favourite things: 1) spring-centric clothing, and 2) social media. First, because I keep buying pieces that aren’t sweaters, and also because I spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how to use Snapchat.

Because if this winter of our discontent taught us anything, in times of bad weather and being too cold to leave one’s home, social media always delivers. So, here’s what each social media outlet would be if they were clothes.

Spring Trends As Social Media

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