03/01/2016 09:33 EST | Updated 03/02/2017 05:12 EST

Bank of Canada Scam Using Logos On Emails, Social Media

OTTAWA — The Bank of Canada is issuing a warning about email and social media scams that are claiming to come from the bank.

Canada's central bank says the scams are using its logos and letterhead without authorization and misrepresenting it.

The Bank of Canada says it does not accept deposits from individuals or on behalf of them, nor does it collect personal or financial information from individuals through email.

The central bank also does not request personal or financial information through social media messaging applications.

The Bank of Canada says if you have concerns about any Internet-based communication that purports to be from the bank, you should delete the message and contact your local authorities.

It warns not to follow any links included in the message and instead access the Bank of Canada's website by typing the address yourself.

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