03/02/2016 11:40 EST

Canadian Model Chantal Habscheid Deemed 'Too Thin' On Victoria Beckham's Instagram

"Wow she looks like she needs a good meal!"

Victoria Beckham is under fire, once again, for using "too thin" models to promote her clothing line.

On Tuesday, the 41-year-old fashion designer posted three gifs on her Instagram page, two of which feature Canadian model Chantal Habscheid modelling Beckham's fall/winter 2016 collection.

The gifs see Habscheid turning left and right against a backdrop of a New York City skyline while donning two-piece ensembles from the the British designer-turned-pop star's eponymous line.

#VBAW16 x vb

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And while the images have amassed over 40,000 likes, they received a flurry of negative comments regarding Habscheid's slender frame, describing her as "sick", "unhealthy" and "gaunt."

"Wow she looks like she needs a good meal!" comments one user.

"These women look ill. Waste of my eye time. Come on Victoria are a role model for women everywhere and you put this junk on?" writes another.

Happy Monday! X vb #VBAW16

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The comments sparked a debate on the "double standards" of body shaming, with some commenters questioning why it acceptable to skinny shame others, when fat shaming seems more taboo.

"How is it okay to call someone names for being slim but not okay when someone's overweight ?! Or comments like how you shouldn't make skinny girls the norm as it's supposedly promoting being unhealthy but using overweight models is applauded even though that's equally unhealthy, double standards!" writes one user.

The debate got so heated, that a user claiming to be Habscheid's mother was forced to jump in.

"This model is beautiful, hard working and has genetics, like all of us, that predisposition her body to look a certain way," she writes. "I know [she] eats healthily most of the time. She loves salads and veggies. She also eats chocolate and ice cream frequently."

"I hope you keep your hate and judgement to yourselves in the future and let a young girl enjoy her new found success. Let's all be nice and spread love," she concludes.

Victoria Beckham has yet to respond. HuffPost Canada Style has reached out to Chantal Habscheid for comment.

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