03/02/2016 08:45 EST | Updated 03/02/2016 08:59 EST

Crazy Hair Day Ideas: Wacky 'Dos For Your Wacky Kids

These fun hairstyles are best of class!

Crazy hair day has become a beloved tradition at many schools. And every year, the ideas get better and better.

If you're looking for some style inspiration, we've rounded up some looks that will definitely stand out in the class. But, don't worry, we know you're busy, and most of these are pretty easy.

So check out these wacky 'dos for your kids' next crazy hair day.

1. Give It A Face

Cause its #crazyhairday at school!

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2. Mohawks Are Always Fun

3. Get Out The Craft Supplies

🌈 Bugün okulda çılgın saç günü ve bizim seçimimiz😮. #crazyhairday #rainbow

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4. Go With A Favourite Animal

Mallory's hair for crazy Hair day at school🐰#crazyhairday #bunnyhair

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5. Recyclables Work, Too

Yep, it's crazy hair day.

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Im not creative but shes happy with the result and excited for #crazyhairday #caridad #cachita #cupcakes

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6. Just Do Whatever Strikes Your Fancy

7. Channel Their Inner Superhero

Someone wanted to channel his inner Wolverine today. #crazyhairday #superhero

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8. Unicorns Because UNICORNS!

9. Wigs Are NOT Cheating

#crazyhairday at school for #drseussweek 💕❤️💕 This kiddo is soooo cute in a wig!!

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10. Spray The Crap Out Of It

Kori rocking her #minionhair for #crazyhairday at school

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11. Add Some Critters

scuba steve might be in for a deadly surprise #crazyhairday #lennoxzackery

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12. Bring On The Sound Effects

Jingle jingle #catinthehatday #crazyhairday

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13. Confidence Is The BEST Accessory