03/02/2016 06:45 EST | Updated 03/10/2016 04:59 EST

B.C. Proposal Inspired By Bird Poop Is Cuter Than It Sounds

Birds of a feather ...

Well, this is adorable.

Kevin Song had just finished eating lunch near English Bay in Vancouver, when he "spotted a pretty girl taking photos of the scenery" and wanted to introduce himself.

"I wasn't sure how without coming off creepy," he said.

When he finally got the courage to go introduce himself, a kind bird blessed their meeting by pooping on them.

"We both looked at each other and just cracked up," Song said. "I suggested that we buy a lottery ticket because hell, why not? We just got pooped on by a bird.

"It was even more hilarious because we actually won $2,000!"

After that, the duo dated for six months — but they lost touch when Jung, who'd been visiting Vancouver on a work visa, suddenly had to go back home to Korea.

They didn't hear from each other for four years, but Song said he never forgot about her.

In November 2015, Song got a Facebook message from Diana. She'd lost his number during her trip home and created a Facebook page just to try and find him again.

"When I heard [that,] I knew it right away," Song said. "I had to marry this girl."

Earlier this year, Song proposed at Grouse Mountain underneath an archway decorated with bird cages in honour of their meeting. (Watch video above, shot by Just Because Vancouver.)


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