03/03/2016 10:24 EST | Updated 03/04/2017 00:12 EST

Bottle of Biker Bob's ashes found on beach — again

For Biker Bob, the journey continues.

The ashes of Nanaimo's Hugh Robert Nisbet — better known as "Biker Bob" — were discovered on Clayoquot Island after an apparently unsuccessful attempt to send him across the Pacific Ocean.

"I was coming down the beach on the ATV … noticed a bottle with a message in it, picked it up and realized it was Biker Bob," discoverer Dave Walton told All Points West host Robyn Burns.

"I heard the story of him and just put two and two together. I thought it was pretty neat."

On Feb. 21, Caleb Harding and Bethany James discovered the bottle of Bob's ashes on China Beach. They resolved to set him loose the next weekend so he could continue the journey his widow, Maudine Pervil, sent him on two years ago.

Pervil said the original plan was to take him to the lake near their cabin, sprinkle his ashes on his canoe, set the canoe loose and sink it by shooting it with his rifle.

Inclement weather got in the way of that plan, however, so the ashes were placed in a bottle and set off to sea near Nanaimo.

Now, after Bob's returned to shore twice, it's Walton's turn. He says he's not taking any chances.

"We'll take him a mile off shore so he'll be good and free then," he said. "He could head far north. Maybe the next time he's found is in Alaska."

But first, he might treat Bob one last time.

"It just so happens I have a Harley, so I was thinking of taking him for a ride," Walton said. "Someone already found him and took him for a beer at a biker bar, I believe, in Victoria. so I was thinking of doing somewhat similar the same thing, and setting him free again."

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