03/03/2016 10:27 EST | Updated 03/03/2016 10:59 EST

American Accidentally Killed After Taking Selfie With Loaded Gun

The death comes months after a Texas teen died in a similar accident.

Another man has died in the United States after accidentally shooting himself while taking selfies with a loaded gun.

A 43-year-old man was killed in Concrete, Wash. Sunday after posing for pictures with his girlfriend at home, according to the Skagit Valley Herald.

The victim’s name has not been released.

According to Patrol Chief Chad Clark with the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office, the gun had been unloaded and loaded throughout the day.

Officials are treating the death as accidental.

Last year, a similar selfie-related death was reported in Texas after a teen accidentally shot himself while posing with what he thought was an unloaded gun.

Deleon Alonso Smith, 19, and his cousin had reportedly just found the gun and the teen was taking a selfie when he was fatally wounded after being hit with a bullet in the neck. His cousin was in another room at the time.

But the deadly trend isn’t an exclusively American phenomenon.

The Washington Post notes at least 27 selfie-related deaths were reported around the world in 2015.

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