03/03/2016 11:18 EST

Ottawa-Area Mechanic Turns Smart Car Into 'The Perfect Snowmobile'

"Oh s***, look at this thing."

“Oh shit, look at this thing.”

That was Brock Wijnbeek’s reaction when he crossed paths with his friend’s Mercedes Smart car — modified with mattracks and skis for off-road snow adventures.

“I was blown away,” he told The Huffington Post Canada on Thursday.

Wijnbeek posted this photo of his friend’s modified Smart car on reddit Wednesday. (Photo: Brock Wijnbeek/BCW Contracting)

After his laughs subsided, the Ottawa-area contractor said his first thought was to put his snowplow on it. Wijnbeek uploaded the photo to reddit on Wednesday, where it earned piles of praise and some wisecracks about snow-phobic Vancouverites.

Wijnbeek said his friend is a Manotick, Ont. mechanic and has received lots of attention over his smart winter hack.

One redditor called the modified Smart car “the perfect snowmobile.”

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