03/03/2016 06:14 EST | Updated 03/03/2016 06:59 EST

This Mom's 'First Touches' With Her Preemie Will Melt Your Heart

"It's unlike any emotion that you know."

A touching video of a mom's first moments with her premature baby is making the rounds online.

Jessica Collinson was on track to deliver her baby in late-February 2016. However, after an ultrasound found the baby wasn't growing, she made the difficult decision to deliver 10 weeks early.

Hugo, or as Collinson and her husband Michael Burritt like to call him, "Little Bug," was born in Calgary's Foothills Hospital on Dec. 22, weighing just two pounds, one ounce.

"He was taken to the NICU immediately," Collinson told TODAY. "I didn't get to hold him for 60 hours."

When Collinson finally got to hold her "Little Bug," her husband was ready with the camera.

The video, which was posted to Facebook by Burritt on Dec. 24, is captioned "First touches." It shows a nurse gently placing Hugo on Collinson's chest as she's overwhelmed with emotion.

"Hi baby boy," she whispers softly.

The video was picked up by Facebook page "Love What Matters," where it connected with millions of viewers.

"Brought tears to my eyes. My son was also whisked away straight after birth... very emotional to watch, brought back so many memories," wrote one commenter.

"It's unlike any emotion that you know until you're in it. It's the most whole and at peace, I think I've ever felt — even though the worry was there,” Collinson told The New York Daily News.

Hugo came home from the hospital last month, and is doing well. He now weighs nearly five pounds, according to ABC News.

Watch the heartwarming video above.

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