03/02/2016 21:33 EST | Updated 03/03/2017 00:12 EST

Sask Party MLA to remove constituency office sign from campaign headquarters

SASKATOON — A member of the legislature for the Saskatchewan Party has agreed to remove a sign outside his campaign office after the NDP complained he was violating the Elections Act.

A campaign poster asking people to re-elect Saskatoon Southeast MLA Don Morgan was put on a window directly beneath a backlit sign for his constituency office.

Morgan says that window is actually his campaign office, and the constituency office is on the back side of the building.

He says both the chief electoral officer and the Speaker of the legislature have assured him there has been no violation of the Act but he will understands the confusion and says the landlord will remove the constituency office sign by the end of the week.

Morgan adds the NDP should be looking at bigger election concerns than where signs are placed.

The constituency office is funded by the government and closes when the writ is dropped, while the campaign office is funded by donation dollars.

Election signs cannot be placed on lawns until the writ is dropped for the April 4 vote, but candidates have already started knocking from door to door.

Morgan says this is his first election in his 12 years in office that both the campaign and constituency offices are in the same building.



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