03/03/2016 18:04 EST | Updated 03/04/2017 00:12 EST

Warrant issued for Ismael Habib under suspicion of terrorism

A Montreal judge issued a warrant today to arrest a man out of concerns he "may" commit a terrorism-related offence— the same day the man appeared in a Gatineau courtroom for a bail hearing in an unrelated case.

Ismael Habib has not been charged with any terrorism-related offences, but RCMP asked a judge to issue a warrant for his arrest under recent amendments to the Criminal Code that strengthened anti-terrorism laws.

Before Bill C-51, the former Conservative government's anti-terrorism legislation which became law last June, warrants could be issued for the arrest of a person who "will commit" a terrorism-related offence. Now warrants can be issued for a person who "may" commit an act of terrorism.

RCMP have also confiscated Habib's passport, his lawyer told CBC News.

Gatineau bail hearing

Habib is seeking bail in a Gatineau courtroom, after he was charged with uttering threats, harassment, being in possession of a false driver's licence and making a fake ID.

He was arrested after a Gatineau woman complained he threatened her, including a car bomb threat.

The bail hearing was adjourned on Thursday afternoon and is expected to resume on Tuesday.

If Habib is granted bail, he will be transferred to Montreal under the warrant.