28 Rice Recipes That Aren't Boring Bowls

Bye-bye boring rice bowls!

Rice just doesn’t get enough love. Most of us eat flavour-less parboiled rice or uninspired sides of plain rice or even overcooked take-out rice.

But the truth is that rice is a healthy and versatile side, and one that comes in a huge number of varieties. And all those varieties have unique flavours, from nutty to floral with many stops in between. Many of our favourite global cuisines — Thai, Japanese, Mexican — include rice for very good reasons.

Experimenting with those cuisines is one way to up your rice game, but there are plenty of ideas closer to home as well. This roundup of 28 rice recipes covers everything from rice cooking basics and familiar dishes to international dishes — and a couple that technically aren’t rice at all.

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28 Rice Recipes