03/04/2016 01:47 EST | Updated 03/04/2016 01:59 EST

'Trailer Park Boys' To Get Government Grant

Rick Eglinton via Getty Images
Sept2209RE9159076 Trailer Park Boys in Toronto promoting new movie Count Down To Liquor Day.Trailer Park Boys pouring a tall one. (L-R) Julian (J.P. Tremblay) Bubbles (Mike Smith) and Ricky (Robb Wells).Rick Eglinton Toronto Star. (Photo by Rick Eglinton/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

The "Trailer Park Boys" got their wish, and it was granted by the government of Nova Scotia.

The province announced more than $810,000 in funding for season 10 of the Canadian cult classic, VICE reported Friday. It's part of a new film and television production fund that's replacing a tax credit cancelled last April. A new $10-million fund was announced just days later, after much protest from the industry.

The "Trailer Park Boys" started their own social media campaign to #SaveSunnyvale after the tax credit was cancelled. "I just found out on the Internet here that the Nova Scotia government might be cutting the tax program, the tax credit thing, and if they do that, then the camera people that come and film us and put us on the TV they're not gonna be able to come anymore," Mike Smith says as his character Bubbles in a public service announcement.

The number of screen jobs in the province went down dramatically after the credit's elimination, the Nova Scotia NDP said in November — they were down 82 per cent from September to December compared to the same time the previous year.

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