03/04/2016 02:02 EST | Updated 03/04/2016 02:59 EST

This Is What Fruits And Veggies Used To Look Like

Corn, is that you?

By the age of three, most kids can identify bananas, carrots and corn, but it may shock you to learn these everyday fruits and vegetables didn't always look the way they do today.

In the video below by Business Insider, we get a closer look at what popular fruits and veggies looked like before they became domesticated.

Today, most of our produce is genetically modified (GMO), which means their genetic make up is altered for a variety of reasons, including aesthetics. While big, bright and juicy watermelons are as appealing to the eyes as they are to your taste buds, the original watermelon was actually extremely small and quite bitter, according to Haileybury Institute chemistry teacher James Kennedy.

Genetically modified foods have been linked to an increase in allergies, but the World Health Organization (WHO) insists these foods on the market are safe for consumption. WHO also advocates examining GMO products on a case-by-case basis.

Watch the video above to find out more.

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