03/06/2016 08:56 EST | Updated 03/07/2016 02:59 EST

Justin Trudeau's '60 Minutes' Segment Has Americans Wishing He Was President

American news show "60 Minutes" aired a profile of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Sunday, just days before he heads to Washington, D.C. for a historic state visit.

The segment touched on notable moments of Trudeau's life and rise in politics: growing up in the spotlight, delivering the eulogy at his father's funeral and a little too much footage of that now-famous boxing match with Sen. Patrick Brazeau.

It's a story most Canadians are familiar with, but for the uninitiated, the profile was a Trudeau primer. And catnip for some liberal-minded Americans.

Some of them took to Twitter and called for Trudeau to succeed Barack Obama as U.S. president:

To be fair, Trudeau wouldn't be eligible to be a president. The U.S. Constitution states a candidate must be a "natural born citizen," which is generally interpreted as someone either born in the U.S. or have at least one American parent.

Constitutional issues aside, Americans already have a Canadian running for president:

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