03/07/2016 07:08 EST | Updated 03/07/2016 07:59 EST

Gender Equality At Vancouver City Hall Pushed By Coun. Andrea Reimer

"Because it's 2016."

Last year, Justin Trudeau explained that he had appointed a gender-equal cabinet "because it's 2015."

This year, a Vancouver councillor is filing a motion for stronger gender representation on city committees "because it's 2016."

Andrea Reimer's motion, which is set to be put forward on International Women's Day (March 8), would require women to make up at least half of all committees, CBC News reported Monday.

Andrea Reimer is set to table a motion requiring gender equality at Vancouver City Hall. (Photo: Andrea Reimer/Facebook)

Reimer says there needs to be an official commitment for the initiative, even though the city makes an effort to achieve this goal already.

"We'd really like to put that into formal policy language so that it's not surprising to anyone, that they understand this expectation," said Reimer, who is also the city's deputy mayor.

The motion, which is set to be tabled Tuesday and debated at council next month, already has the support of Mayor Gregor Robertson.

According to The Province, Robertson said he "strongly" supports the idea, and hopes others will also be on board with such "common-sense policies."

“We believe we live in an equal society, so let’s represent that in the real world."

Reimer's upcoming motion also calls for a review of social policy grants and subsidized housing to ensure women are being treated fairly when it comes to social services, Global News reported.

The city councillor said that she was "very proud to be Canadian" when Trudeau's gender-balanced cabinet was announced. It looks like she might be bringing the same change to the municipal politics of Vancouver.

“We believe we live in an equal society, so let’s represent that in the real world," said Reimer.

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