03/08/2016 11:13 EST

Alberta Throne Speech: Legislature To Focus On Economic Diversification, Environment

Jason Franson/CP

Edmonton — Alberta Premier Rachel Notley's government is promising to focus on economic diversification, the environment and tax help for low-income families in the upcoming legislature sitting.

The government outlined its priorities in a speech from the throne read out in the legislature chamber by Lt.-Gov. Lois Mitchell.

The New Democrats are planning new initiatives to move Alberta further away from its dependence on oil and gas.

There are to be details on who pays what and who gets rebates on a carbon tax, which will increase gas prices at the pump and on home heating and electricity costs.

The government is also promising $340 million in tax breaks and benefits for low-income families.

Legislation to curb exorbitant interest rates charged by payday loan outfits is also on the agenda.

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