03/08/2016 02:02 EST | Updated 03/09/2017 05:12 EST

Long-Term Car Loans A Risk To Canadians, Financial Consumer Agency Says

You end up paying more in interest when you take a longer car loan.


OTTAWA — The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is raising concerns about the growth in long-term car loans.

The agency says loans to buy new trucks and cars with terms of more than six years have become a trend, posing risks for buyers that need to be considered carefully.

Making car payments over six or seven years instead of five years reduces the monthly payment.

However, the loans are more expensive for borrowers because they pay interest for a longer period.

Long-term loans are especially expensive for borrowers with low credit scores, who may pay higher interest rates.

This chart from the FCA shows how a long-term loan can get consumers much pricier cars than they could previously afford.

Sales of new cars and trucks in Canada hit a record last year as drivers bought nearly 1.9 million new vehicles.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada says the average new car loan last year had a term longer than 72 months, up from approximately 65 months in 2010.