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Only Women Spoke For The Tories In Question Period On Tuesday

It’s a “remarkable improvement” noted one MP.


Something unusual happened in the House of Commons Tuesday.

Every Conservative who stood up during question period was a woman — a spectacle one MP noted as a “remarkable improvement.”

Interim party leader Rona Ambrose celebrated the “all woman line-up” of “strong” members of the House as a way to mark International Women’s Day.

She opened question period by imploring that the prime minister help Yazidi girls — who are being targeted by Islamic State militants — come to Canada under the aid of the country’s join-sponsorship program.

“Those who can actually flee with their lives are now languishing in IDP (internally displaced person) camps, but Mr. Speaker, we can help them. We can bring them to Canada,” Ambrose said.

Iraqi girls need our help

In Question Period today I asked Justin Trudeau if the Liberals would prioritize helping Yazidi girls in Iraq – who are being targeted by ISIS for rape, torture, and murder. On International Women’s Day, of all days, I hoped he would have simply answered yes.

Posted by Hon. Rona Ambrose on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded by saying his government is open to all suggestions. He added that Canada is a place “that will accept people not just because they’re fleeing tremendous hardship, (but) because they will contribute to economic growth and success of this country in the years to come.”

Ambrose: ‘I call myself a feminist’

Ambrose, MP for the Alberta riding of Sturgeon River – Parkland, set politics aside for a moment to explain to Canadians what being a feminist means to her.

“I am proud to be one of the few women in Canadian history that has led a national political party,” Ambrose wrote in an Instagram post.

I call myself a feminist. I was born in Canada but I grew up in third world countries and saw first hand what it means to be a girl or a woman with no rights. I am proud to be one of the few women in Canadian history that has led a national political party and held nine federal cabinet portfolios. I have never taken the power and influence I have for granted. I have used it to fight for meaningful support, change and awareness to end violence against women and girls. I am proud to have led a successful UN resolution to create the International Day of the Girl to raise awareness of the rights of girls globally. I am proud to have championed equal matrimonial rights for aboriginal women and successfully created a 100 Million, 10 year program to end family violence. Being a feminist to me means never taking my rights and opportunities for granted! @oxfamcanada #ImAFeminist #IWD2016 Je me considère féministe. Je suis née au Canada, mais j’ai grandi dans des pays du tiers monde et j’ai vu de mes propres yeux ce que cela signifie d’être une fille ou une femme dont les droits sont bafoués. Je suis fière d’être l’une des rares femmes dans l’histoire du Canada à avoir dirigé un parti politique national ainsi que neuf portefeuilles ministériels au niveau fédéral. Je n’ai jamais pris le pouvoir et l’influence que j’ai pour acquis. Je les ai utilisés pour m’employer à obtenir du soutien, du changement et des activités de sensibilisation d’envergure pour mettre un terme à la violence contre les femmes et les filles. Je suis fière d’avoir piloté la résolution adoptée par l’ONU désignant la Journée internationale de la fille en vue d’améliorer la sensibilisation à l’égard des droits des filles partout dans le monde. Je suis également fière d’avoir parrainé l’égalité des droits matrimoniaux pour les femmes autochtones et j’ai réussi à créer un programme de 100 millions de dollars sur 10 ans pour mettre fin à la violence familiale. Pour moi, être féministe veut dire ne jamais prendre mes droits et mes possibilités pour acquis ! @oxfamcanada #JeSuisFéministe #JIF2016

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The declaration comes a day after Trudeau reiterated that he’s a feminist.

“I myself am a feminist and I believe that we need to make sure that we have pay equity and gender equality right across the board,” he said during a global town hall hosted by The Huffington Post Canada in Toronto.

A record 88 women were elected to Parliament in October, but it’s a number that still pales when one considers there are 338 seats in the House.

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