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Kael Hill Tackles Climate Change By Snowboarding Without Snow

An ominous look at snowboarding seasons to come?

Kael Hill – X Games Real No Snow 2016 Extreme Boardkour Trials Full Part All NBD Filmed in One Day from kael hill on Vimeo.

Fed up with Calgary's early spring, extreme snowboarder Kael Hill decided to give his sport a shot without its key ingredient — snow.

Rather than heading out to the mountains, Hill grabbed his board and took to the city's downtown to film some stunts.

The resulting video was shot in just on Feb. 28 by Calgary photographer Robert Bishop.

"Kael Hill, the mysterious maestro of mind-boggling maneuvers is taking a stand, letting it be known that a lack of precipitation has no effect on how, what, and where he rides his snowboard," the video's description reads.

While Hill doesn't let the lack of snow stop him from performing some pretty impressive tricks, it's clear the concrete is definitely doing some damage to his board.

At one point, Hill skids down the side of a building and sparks fly from under his feet.

Hill says the video was more than just a publicity stunt — he also wanted to send a message, according to Metro News.

The video's description takes a shot at the U.S. presidential election, noting that candidates seem more preoccupied with "building a wall" than tackling climate change.

"Another issue that I wanted to touch on was climate change," Hill told CBC News.

"Snowboarding can't exist without snow."

Statement or no, Hill's stunts look fun, but he warns amateurs not try his "boardkour" tricks at home.

Watch Hill snowboard without snow above.

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