03/09/2016 05:25 EST | Updated 03/09/2016 05:59 EST

Israeli Stabbing Victim Pulls Knife Out Of Own Neck To Stab Attacker

A man stabbed in the neck in Israel Tuesday managed to summon the strength to fight back.

Yonatan Azarihab, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, was stabbed repeatedly in the city of Petah Tikva by a Palestinian man who followed him into a wine store, according to the Times of Israel.

Azarihab managed to run out of the shop while its owner tried to subdue the attacker. The victim then went back into the store, pulled the knife from his neck and stabbed the man with it.

An Israeli police photo of the weapon showed a large, bloody kitchen knife.

Israel National News reported that the victim was taken to hospital in "moderate condition."

Police later shot and killed the assailant, according to the Associated Press.

Palestinian attackers unleashed a series of shooting and stabbing assaults on Israelis on Tuesday. In the ancient Mediterranean port city of Jaffa, an American student was killed near to where Vice-President Joe Biden was meeting with Israel's former president, police said.

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