03/10/2016 16:41 EST | Updated 03/11/2017 00:12 EST

Critics say anglophones and minorities excluded from Quebec's new history course

MONTREAL — Some members of Quebec's anglophone community are criticizing the province's new mandatory high school history course.

Critics say the program ignores the contributions that non-francophone communities have made to the province.

The program was created by the former Parti Quebecois government in 2014 but is being rolled out by the Liberals.

It's being piloted in some high schools across Quebec with the goal of being fully implemented by fall 2016.

High school history teacher John Commins says anglophones and other minority students are not adequately represented in the new history curriculum.

The Quebec government is refusing to comment on the new course, saying the curriculum is not yet public and could be changed before it is implemented.

The Canadian Press